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Nobody loves dealing with the paperwork. We know that for sure, and that’s why we offer you to take this burden off your shoulders. From arranging all the required documents to translating and notarizing them – you have nothing to worry about.


The excitement of your wedding ceremony can quickly wear off if you are the one to plan. Putting all the details together, making sure they are arriving at the right place and the right time – that can be stressful. Even if it’s as simple as just a wedding reception and a cake. Why don’t you just enjoy your own wedding while we take care of all the organizational moments?

 Documents follow-up

The wedding ends after the ceremony and celebration. The documents don’t. In most cases your wedding certificate will need to be legalized in a proper way. Luckily it doesn’t mean that you have to be stuck waiting for it to be done. Our team is happy to finalize your marriage license and to ship it to the country of your residence. 

what do we think

Why do same sex marriages matter?

Marriage is important for every vital area of life. From building a life together to raising children, from celebrating and cherishing love and commitment to caring about each other, from retirement to inheritance.

It’s just so human to want all that. So why some people have to be restricted from getting married just because they are in love with a person of the same sex? Marriage is about a couple’s intimate choices. It has nothing to do with the public opinion.

Same sex couples still face a long and uncertain road when they make a decision to get married. On the bright side, luckily, this world slowly but surely changes for better. 

"“Love has no gender - compassion has no religion - character has no race.”

― Abhijit Naskar

“The best part of being married is that now when we walk down the street, people won't just see two guys and a kid, they'll have to see a FAMILY.”

Patricia A. Gozemba,

“It may be that same-sex couples will save the institution of marriage.”

Elizabeth Gilbert

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Frequently Asked

Is same sex marriages legal in Malta?

Same-sex marriage in Malta has been legal since 1 September 2017, following the passage of legislation in the Parliament on 12 July 2017.

What other right does LGTB community have in Malta?

Malta is recognized for providing a high degree of liberty to the LGBT citizens. Apart of the same sex marriage Malta legalized gay adoption, changing legal gender and sexual orientation discrimination protection.

Do I need visa to go to Malta?

Malta is a part of Schengen visa agreement. Which means the EU passport holders do not need visa to enter the country. Moreover 60 more countries do not need visas to enter the country. Please make sure to check if your country is in the list before you plan your trip.

Will I need to legalize my Maltese wedding certificate?

Malta is a part of the Apostille convention. Which means Maltese wedding certificate will be valid in over a 100 counties (as long as they accept same sex marriages). For the rest of the countries you will need to legalize your wedding certificate but the process is usually very simple.

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