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Easy Wedding Malta is a wedding planning company, operating in Malta and helping dozens of same sex couples to make their relationship official. Whether it’s just a formality of signing the documents or a huge party for all the friends and relatives – every couple deserves a chance to settle down and become official.

Easy Wedding Malta is a part of Easy Family Group, where we believe that love always wins over the crazy paperwork and restrictions. 

how did it start

Our story

Our story is more similar to yours than you may think, despite the fact that we are a straight couple. We met, we fell in love and one beautiful day decided to make our union official. However the paperwork made is nearly impossible just because we were from different countries and different continents.

The list of the required documents grew longer and it seemed there was no light in the end of that dark tunnel. 

Eventually we were forced to seek solution elsewhere. Luckily some countries are more easy-going when it comes to paperwork. In our case it was Georgia. However, having nobody to guide us we have spent a whole month trying to figure out the right steps to get married.



That’s when the idea of this company was born. We decided that nobody deserves to have their love story complicated and have helped a lot of couple to get married since then. Unfortunately Georgia, being a strict orthodox country, does not allow same sex marriages. So we found an alternative solution – Malta! The perfect destination for getting married!


Frequently Asked

Is same sex marriages legal in Malta?

Same-sex marriage in Malta has been legal since 1 September 2017, following the passage of legislation in the Parliament on 12 July 2017.

What other right does LGTB community have in Malta?

Malta is recognized for providing a high degree of liberty to the LGBT citizens. Apart of the same sex marriage Malta legalized gay adoption, changing legal gender and sexual orientation discrimination protection.

Do I need visa to go to Malta?

Malta is a part of Schengen visa agreement. Which means the EU passport holders do not need visa to enter the country. Moreover 60 more countries do not need visas to enter the country. Please make sure to check if your country is in the list before you plan your trip.

Will I need to legalize my Maltese wedding certificate?

Malta is a part of the Apostille convention. Which means Maltese wedding certificate will be valid in over a 100 counties (as long as they accept same sex marriages). For the rest of the countries you will need to legalize your wedding certificate but the process is usually very simple.

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