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While most couples love the show shenanigans’ of having a big crowd; some refrain from it. If you think you’d feel lost with a huge crowd of 500+ or in some scenarios even more then a destination wedding in ideal for you. You can get married in a small wedding ceremony surrounded by your friends and family. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, tie a knot.

Most couples believe that destination weddings are expensive, so they abandon the idea of even looking into the possibilities.
However, not everything that is nice has to be expensive, and not everything that is inexpensive is cheap.

We give you a list of our destination wedding packages: you won’t be disappointed and it won’t break the bank. Alternatively we found the top 5 picks of destination wedding location in 2021; and its no surprise that Malta makes it to the list.


Malta is one of Europe’s most gay-friendly destinations. Indeed, it has consistently ranked first in LGBT-friendly country rankings. Since 2017, same-sex marriage has been legalized.

If you’re seeking for the perfect destination to tie the knot in Europe, Malta should be on your list. This beautiful island nation in the Mediterranean has a long and tumultuous past. There is a great confluence of cultures here, from Megalithic structures to Moorish and British influences.

A wedding for two people will cost around 1,000-3,000 euros, a wedding for 20 people will cost around 5,000-7,000 euros, a wedding for 50-60 people will cost around 9,000-14,000 euros, and a wedding for 80-100 people would cost over 15,000 euros.


Malta has something for everyone, whether you merely need your papers completed or are arranging a large wedding party.

  1. Document wedding: This option is for you if you only want your papers done by a team of professionals which includes legal advice and assistance, witnesses, legalization of documents and shipping of documents
  2. Love Wedding: This bundle is what you should be looking for if you want to make your event unique and emotive. This includes: help with paperwork, legalization, and shipment, hotel and transportation are included, makeup, photographers, and supper at the venue
  3. Our Final package Exclusive wedding: Are you picky about the details that will make your day special? Allow our wedding planner to plan it just how you want it. This includes: help with paperwork, legalization, and shipment, hotel, transportation, and the location, dinner, make-up, and photographers, customized decorations, a live band, an MC, or whatever else your heart desires. You can learn more about these wedding packages or make an inquire for these.


The great thing about Malta is that they have connections to a variety of venues. So based on your budget there’s a lot of room for manoeuvring. It is also advised to choose a wedding specialist in that area. Naturally, they also know all the suppliers, so you’ll be covered on all fronts.

Choosing the right wedding specialist could just make your wedding day hassle free. Don’t choose someone you can’t get in touch with easily, or one who doesn’t have any reviews online (or even worse, multiple bad reviews).

Planning an affordable destination lgbtq wedding in Malta; and all confused ? Don’t worry; we’ve got you all covered. Fix a consultation with us and allow us to be a part if your journey.

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