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Malta is one of the growing tourist hotspots in Europe and also is a sought-after place for beach weddings. With that said, unlike most European countries Malta is also welcoming of same-sex marriages. However, planning a beach wedding in Malta can be a bit more complicated than expected.

In this article; we shed light on the top 4 things to consider while planning your beach wedding in the Mediterranean islands and what must your beach marriages wedding planner know.

Things your beach marriages wedding planner must not ignore:

Paperwork for your beach wedding

Weddings can often be quite complicated from a legal point of view. There are loads of paperwork, permits, documents, etc. Obtaining these documents may be a tedious job and if you try to procure them by yourself, it will completely sabotage the other wedding plans.

The wedding planner must get all the paperwork including marriage certificate, permits to conduct the wedding at the beachside, environmental permits, etc. 

Plan the beach wedding ceremony

The wedding ceremony is the one which all the guests at the wedding and the couple look forward to. The wedding ceremony may seem quite simple but there are lots of things to be taken care of. A good wedding planner must take care of all the necessary wedding customs and things like the wedding official, wedding cake, band, flowers, etc. 

Documents Follow Up

Sometimes, the wedding documents require further follow-up even after the wedding is completed. The documentation follow-up can be quite lengthy and complicated, especially for same-sex couples. Hence, search for a wedding planner who does all the follow-up documentation for you as well.

Beach Wedding Reception Planning

Once all the documentation and the ceremony are taken care of, now comes the time for the fun part of the wedding which is the reception. Here, the couple and the guests enjoy the food, dance, wedding speeches, etc. Organizing the caterers, decorators, chairs, sitting arrangements, rooms, etc. may be quite tedious and exhausting. A good beach marriage wedding planner will take care of all these things for you.

Conclusion to choosing your beach wedding planner

A beach wedding is still a dream for many couples. However, organizing one is not so simple. The documentation, paperwork, legalities, and wedding planning associated with it are numerous and tiring. Malta is one of the best destinations for a beach wedding. It welcomes same-sex marriage with open arms, has beautiful beaches and resorts, and has a beautiful climate. Malta has all the things to become the perfect beach wedding destination.

However, completing all the said things in time will just give you added tension and you will not be able to enjoy your wedding just the way you wanted to. A good beach marriages wedding planner to give you a memorable beach wedding that you and your guests will remember for eternity. 

Still confused about your beach marriage wedding plans; speak to our team of expert wedding planners.

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