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Marriage is a social and legal bond between two adult individuals, tied by a contract between two parties. There are two kinds of marriage procedures prevalent in the current United Arab Emirates: Sharia Marriage and Civil Marriage.

United Arab Emirates Government conducts the official marriage ceremony in court. The couples need the judge’s approval and permission to legalize the marriage. If you belong to the Gulf countries and want to tie the knot with your loved one, you need to visit the honorable judge to complete your marriage.

In the UAE, only Abu Dhabi offers civil marriages where the Government officials perform the legal procedures. On the other hand, the clergy performs the rituals in Sharia marriage. Both marriage procedures are sacred and recognized in the same manner.

Abu Dhabi or Malta – Choose your destination for your wedding 

Malta is an upcoming destination for foreigners. There are not many serious requirements for a wedding in Malta. Firstly you don’t need a minimum residency period. Also, same-sex marriage and civil marriages are legal in Malta. So if this fulfills your checklist, you can start your wedding plan today.

While in Abu Dhabi, the Government has recently passed its new secular civil family law that allows two adult individuals from any corner of the world to marry each other through proper legal procedures. The couple receives a stamped registered marriage certificate on the same day. Couples from other countries need to check their respective embassies before application submission.

Let’s see the right way to do it in Abu Dhabi

The Right Website for your Abu Dhabi Marriage

In the United Arab Emirates, the marriage rules and regulations are based on Sharia law. The Islamic religious system controls every aspect of the country, whether private or public. The state does not allow a couple to live together under the same shade without getting married. It is a punishable crime in the law’s eyes. Only marriage offers them the right to share a household and make a family.

Currently, Abu Dhabi is the ideal destination for non-residents and GCC expats to tie the knot with their loved ones.

To conclude, about your wedding plans in Malta Vs Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi has emerged as the safest city and has proved to be the most liberal, cosmopolitan city that respects youngsters’ dreams and rights.

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