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The beautiful country of Georgia, located in the South Caucasus, is influenced by the Georgian Orthodox Church, known for its conservatism. But does it mean that the country holds onto its post-USSR ideology? Not really.

During the last few years, tabloids were full of stories about the ongoing Russian-Georgian conflict so it’s not really surprising that the latter tries it’s best to be nothing but Russia and pushes the progressive laws. And it suits the LGTB community just right.

What do you need to know before you plan your Georgian same-sex honeymoon?

1. Georgian laws for the gay couples

It is important to know that between 2000 and 2018 years Georgia has established quite a few laws protecting the LGTB community. Among them were the legalization of same-sex activities, the right to change the gender, and a few anti-discrimination on gender identity laws.

So yes, the situation has improved drastically since Georgia became its own independent country.

2. LGTB-friendly Tbilisi hotels

Wonder what do Tbilisi hotels respond if you request them to host a gay couple? Here is what they say: “Whilst we can’t speak for the rest of the country, we guarantee you will be completely welcome at our hotel. We strongly condemn discrimination on any basis, including towards LGBTQ people”. 

Sweet isn’t it?

Here are a few options you might consider:

  • Courtyard by Mariott
  • Vinotel Boutique Hotel
  • Fabrica Hostel
  • The Bridge Hostel
  • Leviathan Hostel

3. Gay friendly bars to hang out in Tbilisi

It goes without saying that you are free to go pretty much anywhere you want but if you are particularly looking for a gay-friendly scene you should consider one of these places:

  • Bassiani (it hosts gay nights called Horoom Nights)
  • Khidi club
  • Cafe Gallery
  • Success
  • Obscure

Important note: While the gay community is growing, it’s still not Amsterdam or Berlin and you need to respect the local culture. Nobody is going to hate you and people are generally very friendly, however, you probably shouldn’t walk the streets holding hands and kissing in order to not attract negative attention. 

But it’s just common sense, isn’t it? Being the UAE residents we are used to these rules anyway.

Does Georgia accept same-sex marriages?

Well, unfortunately, it’s a no. Although there is an open negotiation to introduce a legalized civil partnership for same-sex couples, so Georgia might get there soon. But for now you should stick with Malta for your wedding plans.

However, for the heterosexual couples living in the UAE, our sister company Easy Wedding Georgia does organize weddings in the country.

Why get married there? It’s simple. While in the UAE the pre-wedding paperwork can quickly turn a dream wedding into a nightmare, in Georgia people can get married having passports only in most of the cases. And for the international or interfaith couples, it’s just pure salvation. 

Add on a short flight, low prices, and incredible views to the easy paperwork – and that’s a perfect wedding.


And what do you think is a perfect honeymoon destination for same-sex newlyweds? Tell us in the comments!

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