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You’ve found your soulmate and are considering the idea of starting a family; when you least expect it however you have a baby waiting to come into this world. The only thing missing in this equation is now choosing a dream wedding destination.

With the baby on the way, this might be your one last chance to escape into the tropical beaches with your partner and your closest family members. For a lot of GCC expats up until recently; having a baby outside a wedlock in UAE was a taboo.

Luckily; Malta is that location where you can not only plan the dream wedding but go the extra mile and plan your honeymoon too. Read on to discover, why Malta could be the perfect choice for the to create magical moments.


No matter what your wedding story might be; the island has a well experienced wedding planners who have the knowledge and experience to help with the wedding process from the start to the end. Having an destination mean having the right documentation; registry fees and licenses are in the right place; so you can focus on just looking the part. Look no further because Malta has you all covered.


The hilly terrains to the tropical beaches in the Maltese Islands’ makes it the perfect location to get those dreamy wedding photos.


Every couple has a certain budget set for their dream day. Whether you are a choosing a prestigious 7* hotel or a boutique venue to tie the knot; Malta offers to a variety of affordable yet stunning venues for your big day.


One of the biggest challenges couples can face while planning an destination wedding is understanding the local language. Luckily the stunning island of Malta has sufficient English speaking individuals.


Earlier in 2017, the island legalized same-sex marriage which put Malta into one of the top destinations as an all inclusive and friendly destination.

With most countries that still frown upon pregnancy before a wedlock; a welcoming and secular country such as Malta goes above and beyond to welcoming all couples.

If you a resident of the UAE and are expecting a baby outside a wedlock; let us know if you would love to have a destination wedding in the tropical islands of Malta.

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