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A tropical wedding cannot be defined in a single way, just as there is no one-size-fits-all “ideal” wedding. Couples can now tailor their wedding celebrations to their specific desires and needs, beginning with the location. Though there are several world-renowned beaches (and beach wedding locations!) to select from, for GCC residents and expats Seychelles and Malta are among the most popular beach wedding destinations.

You can say “I do” on a beachside pier in Seychelles or on Malta’s famous islands. While many couples choose a barefoot ceremony, beach weddings don’t always need saying “I do” with your toes literally in the sand.

Wedding Packages Seychelles

The Seychelles are not only a wonderful place to visit, but they are also an excellent location for a wedding. The breathtaking combination of waving palm palms, white sand beaches, and blue ocean makes for an amazing wedding. Couples that choose the Seychelles for their wedding will have a lot to look forward to on their wedding day!

Here’s something we put together to help you choose the best wedding package in Seychelles as per your requirement

Wedding in Malta

Malta is a family-friendly location with much to keep visitors entertained, including a plethora of beaches, the most famous of which are on Comino and Gozo. With a warm and sunny atmosphere, English as a widely spoken language, and straightforward paperwork, it’s the ideal wedding destination!

Final verdict on choosing your tropical wedding destination

Malta is an ideal location for a wedding especially since it has opened it doors for same sex marriage. It has everything for every couple with its gorgeous ancient buildings, stately residences, castles, gardens, and sea view venues!

On the other hand; given the current Covid travel restrictions Seychelles welcomes vaccinated UAE visitors. People who visit will not be subjected to quarantine upon arrival in any country if they have a recognized vaccination certificate that has been approved by the respective health authorities.

And lets not forget; the tropical island of Seychelles are as magical as any other coast.

Choosing between two wonderful tropical wedding destination and packages can be a might get a little confusing; let us help you make the right decision

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