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UAE stands out as a truly expat home having increased the number of working opportunities available. It is, therefore, the place to be if you want to live life in the fast lane both socially and professionally.

On the flipside; Dubai’s cost of living is comparable to that of central London, i.e., it is quite costly. Working hours can be lengthy, making it difficult to find time for a quick holiday or even to get married.

As a result, the long holidays are a great opportunity for people to get away for a few days or for couples to be married without cutting into their leaves.

Next holiday in UAE according to Khaleej times

The first week of December will be a long break for UAE citizens. The breaks would vary from three to six days, according to the official list of holidays approved by the UAE Cabinet for the public and private sectors for 2021-2022.

The last holiday of the year, Commemoration Day and UAE National Day, will take place from Wednesday, December 1 until Saturday, December 4.

Weddings in Malta

Every year; Malta finds a significant number of individuals that come from different parts of the world to get married. This includes European expat that need a quick getaway from the mundane city life. With easy documentation and visa process; Malta thus becomes extremely appealing to get married.

Final Verdict on choosing to get married in Malta for the next UAE holiday

If you have a long holiday in the UAE; there is no better time to get married than now. Given the fact; that the holiday would be in the 1st week of December; the climate of Malta would be ideal.

Thinking about getting married in Malta over the next UAE holiday; speak to our team of experts and find out about the availability.

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