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You’re probably thinking of long hot summers, lovely coasts, and amazingly clear blue waters when you think of Malta, and you’re correct. But, in the winter, how is the weather in Malta?

The weather in Malta for the winters is mostly likely to determine what you would wear to a winter wedding during this time.

Weather in Malta

As the winter months approach, the temperatures begin to drop. Temperatures will range from 18 to 25 degrees, with a chance of rain and blustery weather. The countryside begins to come alive, the skies become magnificent and stunning, and the weather is ideal for a wedding.

Even though it’s a little chilly for the beach, you’ll see lots of residents and tourists brave the waters. Christmas is normally sunny, so many residents have their Christmas lunch outside, albeit in a fancy Christmas sweater to keep the shivers at bay!

Winter wedding guest dresses

Considering that Malta gets a bit cooler but not super cold unlike most European countries; the winter wedding guests can be inspired from the same. Think about something more tropical and beachy; and how about teaming this up with a shawl.

If the wedding is happening on the beachfront; don’t be concerned with your footwear. Sandals or going barefoot are both acceptable options in this situation. Allow your attire to speak for itself. Vibrant colors are a great way to dress up casual, breezy textiles.

Watch out for more on the trends and a selected few brands on a winter wedding guest dresses and make your opinion on what would best suit you.

Final verdict on picking your winter wedding guest dress

Always keep the weather in mind and the time of the year while picking your winter wedding guests. A few other things to note would be the formality of the wedding and if there is any specific theme. If not; look up for some inspiration in magazine, Pinterest and make your final pick.

Keep your dress flowy and breezy with breathable fabric ensuring your not too hot and at the same time carry a shawl. Your dress will look stunning against the crystal blue sea on a sunny day as long as your comfortable carrying it.

If you know a friend attending a wedding in Malta; share this article and keep them updated on these pro tips.

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